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And the big question is – a store manager of Australia’s first retail store to house a huge range of Modern Cloth Nappies – what would she choose for her newborn baby???

It has been 5 years since I have had a newborn, and I was thinking that my nappy choices would greatly change in this time, as new brands have come out at a rapid rate.  There certainly is more variety with the new All In Two’s, they weren’t around back then.  However, for my staple lot, as in the ones I use the most, I have gone back to what I used back then!  I am very surprised.  I am complimenting with some of the new nappies, that is fun, but my old favourites are proving themselves to be the most reliable, nicest fit, most comfortable for my baby, so I use them the most.

For the first time, I have a heavier wetter.  What I used to use for my other children, isn’t lasting as long between changes for this baby.  So that is making it interesting, and giving me a better education on how to help customers with heavier wetting babies.  So what are my  3 favourites?

  1. MOMMY’S TOUCH ONE SIZE – available in a Pocket Nappy, All In One, All In Two and Cover, so plenty of variety.  All of them are One Size Fits All and available in Snaps or Velcro.  I have once again grabbed my All In One, the Velcro (touch tape) version.  Why?  It is really easy to put on and fits nicely around the legs.  Doesn’t pull on her belly.  Holds and absorbs really well.  Soft and pliable between the legs so baby can straighten them.  Easy to add a Newborn Bummis Prefold underneath for extra absorbency.  Comes in gorgeous colours.  So many reasons.
    Mommys Touch All In One This is the Mommy’s Touch on my 1wk old, see how soft and pliable it is, nice fit around the legs but no pulling anywhere?  Love it!  Oh and she is wearing a Nature’s Cradle Organic Singlet of course!
  2. ORGANIC COTTON BUMMIS PREFOLDS – These are just plain simple!  They are nice and trim, absorbent, and so versatile.  As my babe is a heavy wetter, I have had to use the Newborn size in conjunction with other absorbency such as Mother Ease Bamboo Boosters, or I have used the Newborn Prefolds in other nappies such as the Mommy’s Touch above.  But that is all good, because the Prefolds are so versatile, just because my newborn has been outwetting the newborn size, hasn’t meant I couldn’t use them.  I have simply gone straight up to the Infant size to use them on their own, and used the Newborn ones with my other bits and pieces.  Perfect!
    Bummis Organic Prefold Nappies and Flushable LinersSimply place a prefold into a cover, folded as they are in the picture here, and a flushable liner on top.
  3. DISANA ORGANIC TIE UP NAPPIES WITH WOOL COVERS – I really didn’t want things that were rough, or un natural on my baby.  The first nappy I reached for was my Disana Tie Up.  I must admit even I found them a bit fiddly to start with for a newborn with curled up legs.  But the fact that this is the only nappy which didn’t require me to use things that pulled or pressed on her, I felt most comfortable using it.  Putting the Disana Organic Wool  Cover over the top, meant super comfort for her, super absorbency and reliability for me!
    Disana Organic Tie Up NappyThis is the Disana Tie Up Nappy…. all tied up.  See how comfy it is?

So there you have it!  My selection for favourite nappies for a Newborn.  In my stash is a large proportion of these 3, and I have a few lovely newborn sized All In Two’s and All In Ones, even some little Fitted Nappies to use with my covers.  It has been a lot of fun mixing and matching, as you don’t have to use the same brands together, you can mix one brand cover with another brand inner without an issue.  Here is one I had been holding aside for 3 years just waiting for a newborn to use it with.

Bubblebubs Just Hatched Newborn Nappy

This is a Bubblebubs Newborn Just Hatched All In One, nice and easy, does up with velcro, fits beautifully.  My little girl is wearing it with another Nature’s Cradle Organic Singlet of course!!!

I will continue to write more about nappies, how to use them on newborns, and how different brands have worked for us.

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